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Clarke IT Consultants delivers integrated software solutions in support of IT service provisioning and service management that facilitate operational excellence. Using the technologies provided by ServiceNow and BMC Software, we aim to provide cost effective business solutions to companies and solution providers.

We have a wide range of technical expertise, coupled with project management skills drawn from many years of experience working with our customers. Providing outstanding professional services based upon BMC Remedy Service Management portfolio including
  • ServiceNow : ITSM, ITOM, Customer Service, IT Business Management, HR, Application Development  
  • BMC Remedy Service Desk
  • BMC Remedy Asset Management Application
  • BMC Remedy Change Management Application
  • BMC Service Level Management
  • BMC Atrium CMDB
We also specialise in providing bespoke application development based upon ServiceNow platform and BMC Remedy AR System.

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Download AR Tracker Data Sheet Download the AR Tracker datasheet
AR Tracker

AR Tracker, Enabling effecting release management process for BMC Remedy applications

AR Tracker application promotes a rapid and efficient method to document and manage multi-team development changes, packaging, deployment and testing, of BMC Remedy applications.

AR Tracker is a Remedy AR System application and can be installed on any Remedy AR server running version 7.6 or later. Utilising proven and tested release management practices which ensure that when your software changes are migrated, they will be fully documented, tested, packaged and successfully deployed to the people who want to use it. You have the opportunity to satisfy existing customers and users and win new ones.

Develop -> Test -> Package -> Deploy -> Re-Test -> Report

Remedy based applications are complex and often thousands of workflow objects are required to automate service delivery. Finding, maintaining, keeping track of changes made to workflow objects by multiple users and understanding how they might interact can be time-consuming and costly.
AR Tracker allows Remedy developers, support staff and managers to quickly document and report AR System changes, test scripts, deployment and release steps to any AR System application. AR System changes are automatically packaged into packing lists and imported into the development.
AR System server to support migration and deployment release processes. The intuitive user interface is quick and simple to use and allows multiple users to document and analyse changes with ease. Thus reducing the time taken and cost to implement changes.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs
Automates and standardizes repetitive tasks
Reduced development timescales
Improved reuse
Reduced scope & timescale for test
Rapid change implementation through AR Tracker GUI
Uses lightweight processes that do not require lengthy inputs and outputs
Supports multi-user development
Overlays supported in AR System 7.6.4 and above 

Documentation & Reports
Professional Crystal Report based report templates
Produce Release Note and Summary reports
Field Changes Report
Appendix style reports for inserting workflow changes into other documents
Print Development changes & Test scripts
Fully documented & audited release management process
Establishes positive expectations using proven & tested techniques

Analyse & Audit
Field Reference Search
List previous changes for workflow objects
Fully audited & customizable audit log & search
Work packages managed through Packing lists on AR Server
Effective impact analysis
AR System meta data and Server Event cache integration
Import, Export & Deploy
Import & export release and work-packages directly into AR System Server
Deploy effortlessly using BMC Remedy Migrator or Developer Studio

Key Features
Create work-packages containing development history, tester comments, deployment & release management details
Create Test scripts, record unit & deployment outcomes & comments
Create release projects & relate multiple work-packages & test scripts from one place
Automatic validation of AR System objects verify work-package contents
Import & export release & work packages into AR System server & deploy effortlessly using BMC Remedy Migrator
Supports recording of emergency hot fixes to one or more application servers
Documents object & form field changes by type, user & date
Integrated with AR System Server Event cache and AR System meta data
Quick action functions allow for rapid documentation & creation of releases
Full audit logging capability with report ability at single field level
Document, track & report on database effecting changes impacting other streams such as reporting
Field reference search lists all associated workflow objects assisting with impact assessment of changes
List previous changes for workflow objects & perform advanced searches to identify similar changes
Simple workflow object & form field selection GUI to easily search & find changed items to add to work-packages.

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